Our Mission

I founded Nodoka with a simple mission: to bring you the fine products to the rest of the world.

Nodoka is all about real human connection. We aim to be more than just a tea company. We bring you a tea that is not only good for you, even better for the producers in Japan.

The traditional Japanese tea trade is at a critical juncture.

95% of tea grown in Japan stays in Japan, with only 5% being sold in other countries. The population of tea producers was dropping rapidly. The average farmer is over 60, they can not speak English, and many farmers don’t have access to the internet.

They’re not even aware that green tea is well received overseas. Despite the great effort put into their products, many farmers in Japan don’t know how to sell them.

These facts aren't just hard on the foreign green tea lovers are missing out on the bulk of the country’s amazing leaves. Japanese tea farms are now fading away, partly because they cannot sell their products abroad.

It is important to us that the farmers are being paid fairly.

Plastic Bottled green tea has become increasingly popular for the ease and convenience of drinking it. However with huge purchasing power and a focus on profits, every year farmers are forced to reduce their tea prices.

The downtrend can be associated with the shift in focus to quantity over quality.

We can create change with every cup.
We believe in quality over quantity.
We believe in the power of consumers to make big shifts. When you choose Nodoka, you're supporting small farmers.

In our increasingly busy lives it's easy to forget about the producers who spend their lives perfecting traditional crafts and techniques.

We believe it is very important that we appreciate the story behind the things we use, who made it, and how it was made. We're empowering conscious consumers to make the world a better place with every cup.