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May 19, 2020

Matcha Green Tea Pancake

Fluffy pancakes for breakfast, brunch or lunch?



Matcha Green Tea Pancake

Makes approximately: 85-inch pancakes




1 1/2 tablespoon (25g) Mayonnaise

1 tablespoon(15g) Vegetable oil

1 Egg



3/4 cup(180g) Milk

1/3 cup(70g) Water



1 1/2cup(183g) Cake Flour

4 teaspoon(7g) Matcha

2 1/2 tablespoon(15g) Almond powder

3 tablespoon(40g) Granulated sugar

2 teaspoon(7.5g) Baking powder


*Vegetable oil for frying



①Mix A in a bowl

②Add  B  and  mix  just until combined

③Add C and stir again briefly

④Heat a pan to 320~350°F(160~180℃) and pour a bit of vegetable oil. And remove any visible oil with a paper towel

⑤Pour the pancake batter onto a pan and cook until little bubbles start to form, then flip

⑥Cook on the other side until edges are lightly golden brown

⑦Serve with maple syrup or butter. Enjoy!



Don’t over-mix the pancake batter after add C. Mix just until combined.