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May 22, 2020

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

made easy and delicious



1 packet Matcha (2g)

60ml (2oz)  cold water 

150ml (5oz) milk (soy milk, almond milk or oat milk any you like)

*Honey, sugar syrup or brown sugar (options)



①Pour milk into a glass and mix with ice

②Whisk Matcha with cold water until no lumps remain

③Slowly pour into a glass. Enjoy!


2 Tips How to make a Layered Iced latte

The layered ice matcha tea not only tastes good, it looks great! 


①Ice. Large Ice cube will make it easier to divide the layers.

②Sugar. The sugar content keeps the layers separated as the liquid with the most sugar will sink to the bottom.

That’s why the milk was placed first.

Add honey, Honey, sugar syrup or brown sugar into the milk at first, but not to the matcha. 


*You can use your own chasen, spoon, electric whisk or any shaker cup to make Matcha. Use any resources you have at home.